How to Get a Tech Job in 5 Super Easy Steps
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Are you wondering how to get a tech job that you actually love? It's possible. This guide outlines how to land your dream tech job, starting with the interview.

America's tech sector currently employs over 7 million individuals.

That being said, if you are interested in joining the tech industry, you may be wondering how to do so. While tech jobs are plentiful, they are competitive!

Luckily, it is possible to land the tech job of your dreams if you take the right steps. In this post, we'll discuss how to get a tech job, no matter where your starting point.

1. Build the Right Kind of Resume

A lot of job seekers assume that if employers have questions about their resumes, they'll simply ask in an interview. While interviews do give room for employer questions, this doesn't mean you should cut your resume short!

The right resume should accurately summarize your experience in the tech industry thus far. This can include internships, degrees, and past employment.

Ideally, your resume should fit on one page. Include any relevant honors, skills, and references.

Only include experience that is applicable to the position you are seeking.

For more information about building a killer resume, visit this post.

2. Know What's Out There

Your job application process will be far easier if you know what your dream tech job actually is! Before you start browsing available positions, take a moment to jot down the sectors that interest you most.

Do you want to be in information security? Software development? Computer science? Technical support?

List any and every industry and role that comes to mind. If possible, build your options based off of your past experience. (It is possible to apply to entry-level tech jobs, however.)

3. Write Unique Cover Letters

When you do identify potential positions in the tech industry, avoid sending out the same cover letter to these prospective employers. Spend time crafting a succinct cover letter unique to the position and company.

Employers will see right through "gunshot" cover letters--those that are merely replicas of others.

When you do write your cover letter, be clear about why you are applying for the position, what interests you about it, and what experience you may have to offer. Even if a cover letter is optional, submit one!

4. Don't Shy Away from Entry-Level Positions

You may be wary about applying for a low-paying internship or entry-level position in the tech industry. Yet these jobs may be what "get you in the door" down the road.

For this reason, apply to a few entry-level positions as you send out applications. Many of these are temporary-to-hire positions. Others may make it easier to work your way up within a company of your dreams.

Entry-level positions can also help you acquire niche skills that will make your career path in the tech industry easier to define.

5. Keep Networking

The technology industry is wide and expansive, and it's only going to keep on growing.

As you navigate the job search and hire process, prioritize networking. Gather as many connections as possible, even from employers who don't end up offering you a job.

You'll never know when these connections will prove valuable down the road.

Final Thoughts: How to Get a Tech Job

Your dream tech job is just around the corner. Provided you craft a compelling resume and unique cover letter for every position, you'll be launching your career in tech in no time.

Figuring out how to get a tech job involves first identifying the types of positions and areas you'd be willing to explore. This can make interview processes more comfortable and help you parse through the diverse amount of tech roles out there.

Lastly, be sure to network as you go and use the right job search platforms. At ITJobCafe, we offer one of the greatest selections of tech job offerings on the internet. Why not get started with your job search now?


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